Why Foster with Creating Links

With more than 18,000 children and young people in Out of Home Care in NSW, Creating Links recognises the vital role of their Carers. Carers provide children, young people and sibling groups with positive outcomes and the development of life skills necessary to equip them for adulthood.

At Creating Links, we provide Out of Home Care to children, young people and sibling groups who are unable to reside with their birth parents or family due to a diverse range of reasons.

Children, young people and sibling groups in Out of Home Care experience many challenges throughout their life. As a foster carer, you will help children and young people grow and mature, achieve great education, feel valued and respected along with many other positive qualities of being a foster carer.

We pride ourselves on the cultural diversity of our staff and the flexible services we offer, to ensure all members of the community can access the services and support they require.

What can we provide you as a foster carer?

We believe in our foster carers and provide you with the following guidance and support to ensure your needs and the child’s needs are met.

  • Regular home visiting
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Access to additional support including councillors, respite care, before & after school care
  • Behaviour Support plans
  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Tax-free carer allowance

Fostering Stories

Jada & Ahmad

Jada and Ahmad had been thinking about becoming a foster carer for many years. They wanted to have children however, this had not happened for them naturally. Jada being a caring and patient person was drawn to the idea of fostering. They felt she had a lot to offer foster children and wanted to provide a permanent home for them. Jada and Ahmad spent a long time during the assessment and training period reflecting, in relation to the information provided from the agency. “It took a lot of careful thought; we weren’t going to give up on the little ones once they were with us so we needed to be 100% ready for anything.”

“The waiting for a placement was difficult because of our background, being Muslim, we knew they were waiting for the right match” Jada and Ahmad were matched with two children, 10 years and 12 years in September 2010. “We were so excited and although we had been waiting it felt like it happened overnight, our home of two suddenly became a family life with four. Jada admits the first 12 months were very difficult; we needed to commit so much time to them in order to create a sense of belonging. Thankfully we had fantastic support from my family and our friends which was invaluable.”

“It’s taken a long time but the children are now settled and happy.”

“The children had, and continue to have a very strong connection with their birth family, including their other siblings in care. It was important for us to work on establishing a relationship with their birth family so the children felt they could belong with both. I think the parents were relieved the children were going to continue to be brought up Muslim which we have continued, it was also important to the parents that the children study the Koran, so we all go to Koran studies every week”

The children have now been living with Jada and Ahmad for over two years and are both now in high school. “It’s taken a long time but the children are now settled and happy. We see how far they have come and for some that may not be far but we continue to see the small achievements in their progress every day. It is wonderful to hear them talk about their future in a positive way and what they hope for themselves.”

Nancy’s Story

Nancy had raised two of her own biological children. As her children were entering high school and becoming more independent Nancy felt she hadmore time on her hands, which she wanted to put towards “giving kids some new opportunities.” Nancy, along with her two children, was committed to becoming an emergency short-term foster carer since her initial enquiry. “We chose emergency short term care as we wanted to be able to help a lot of children in the time of uncertainty, this way I also thought I may be able to help the parents as well.”

“I see our role as assisting the children to understand what has happened and to prepare them for their future – whatever that path may be.”

Nancy recalls receiving a call at 3.30pm with a request to care for a 5-year-old boy who had just been removed from his parents care. “Billy arrived within the hour, it was a frantic hour but we were ready – or so we thought.” Nancy laughed, reflecting on what she had originally thought fostering would entail and what she now knows the reality is. “Billy had been severely neglected and although 5 years old it was like caring for an 18month old, he couldn’t speak properly, wasn’t toilet trained and screamed often. It was a long and at times very testing road however, Billy stayed with us for a year and the changes he made were amazing, he became such a happy little boy, and to think we were part of that is wonderful.”

Nancy continues as an emergency short-term carer and has now cared for numerous children – some transitioning to long-term care and others returning to their parents. “I see our role as assisting the children to understand what has happened and to prepare them for their future – whatever that path may be.”

Foster Care Information Booklet

The Creating Links Foster Care Information booklet is your guide to everything you need to know about fostering, the types of foster care available, the role of carers as well as all the steps to becoming a foster carer.

Please download the following Foster Care information Pack below:

Foster Care Information Pack UPDATED MAY 2018

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 254 657 or fostercare@creatinglinks.org.au


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