Foster Care

Model of Therapeutic Practice Framework

Model of Therapeutic Practice Framework

To support the social and emotional well-being needs of the CYP in our care, Creating Links is committed to providing high quality therapeutic care that is child focused, flexible and responsive to the individual needs of our CYP and their families and caregivers.

As such, our Model of Practice is framed by evidence based theories that underlie our multi systemic therapeutic system of care. Our approach is to build a therapeutic case work approach for each CYP, that strives towards permanency and supports them in their healing journey.

The Framework aims to guide our practice as we strive to provide trauma-informed care by providing all CYP with a safe, positive and permanent care environment that, together with tailored supports, will address the unique impact of experienced trauma and attachment separation on the CYP.

Our therapeutic support will focus on resilience, self-regulation, competency building, developmental needs, and engagement strategies that are considered from a holistic perspective and that are targeted towards the caregiver environment, and the family, culture and community, of the CYP.

The Framework also aims to guide our practice to ensure we take a culturally sensitive and culture-driven approach to our therapeutic care that respects and acknowledges different cultural, community and family values, practices and perspectives and how these differences influence caregiver relationships and family dynamics.

Permanency Support

Children, young people and sibling groups in Out of Home Care experience many challenges throughout their life. As a foster carer, you have the opportunity to help children and young people grow and mature, achieve great education, feel valued and respected along with many other positive qualities of being a foster carer.

Changes have been made to the way Creating Links and other agencies support children, young people, carers and families in Out of Home Care.

Creating Links recognise the need for safety, nurture and permanency for children and the benefits of growing up in a family rather than in the out of home care system.

Our carers open their homes and their hearts to provide a safe, loving and supportive environment whilst also helping the children grow, mature, feel connected to their culture and achieve great education.

The program will consist of a child or young person having a case plan with a goal for permanency within TWO years.

We focus on working with families to find alternative, stable and secure options through:

  • Restoration
  • Guardianship or,
  • Open Adoption (unless child is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander)
  • Foster Care


Types of Foster Care


Carers need to be able to work with birth parents and case managers to help smooth the transition of children back home. Carers promote a safe home and then support the process of restoring the child to their family.

Respite Care

Care provided for regular short stays (e.g; one weekend a month.) Respite Care gives families a break and provides a positive experience for the child/young person.

Emergency or Short Term Care

Limited time care, usually overnight to twelve months.

Long Term Care

Care for children / young people who can no longer live with their family and need a family to take care of them until their family circumstances change or they turn 18.

Creating Links recognise the need for safety, nurture and permanency for children and the benefits of growing up in a family rather than in the out of home care system.

What can we provide you as a foster carer?

We believe in our foster carers and provide you with the following guidance and support to ensure your needs and the child’s needs are met.

  • Regular home visiting
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Access to additional support including counsellors, respite care, before & after school care
  • Behaviour Support plans
  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Tax-free carer allowance

Foster Care Information Booklet

The Creating Links Foster Care Information booklet is your guide to everything you need to know about fostering, the types of foster care available, the role of carers as well as all the steps to becoming a foster carer.

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