Foster Care

Unique Therapeutic and Permanency Foster Care services and support for Southwest Sydney region.

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Disability Services

Offering assistance with all aspects of daily life for the mentally disabled and their carers.

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Family Programs

Support, education, information & advocacy to strengthen families with children.

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How we support our carers

At Creating Links, you are never alone when dealing with the challenges that comes with fostering a child or young person.

Our specialised Carer Assessment, Recruitment, Training and Support Team (CARTS) help support and guide you every step of the way, from the application process right through to navigating the ups and downs and special moments of being a foster carer.

Once you become an authorised carer, you will be assigned a CARTS Coordinator who will work closely with you to empower and assist you to navigate the carer system, whilst also developing and maintaining your skills throughout the journey.

The child or young person will also be allocated a Case Manager who provides specialised on-going support.

24/7 on-call support

Our foster carers have access to on-call support at any time of the day or night for advice, support, and direction in stressful situations.

Carer Training

We provide all carers with on-going specialised training and development opportunities that will help build skills and resilience throughout your carer journey.


At times, carers need a break as well. Respite carers look after the child or young person in your care for short periods, so you get some time with your family.

Support Workers

We provide skilled support workers to work with the child or young person to develop skills, attend family visits, sporting groups or youth events.

Carer Networking

We believe that talking to other carers can often be the best form of support. We provide carers with regular networking events and social media closed groups for carers to connect with one another to share ideas, stories, and tips.

Cultural Support

We provide continued support to carers who care for children or young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children or young people to keep them closely connected to their culture.

Financial Support

All Carers receive a tax-free allowance that allows carers to meet the daily needs of the child or young person.

What we strive for

Where to start?

At Creating Links, we aim to develop resilient, productive and inclusive communities and families.

We are an evolving, forward thinking organisation that values:

  • Our socially and culturally diverse community
  • Our ability to create opportunities to provide services and programs
  • Our collaboration and partnerships with various networks; and
  • Our role in providing services in partnership with government