News & Events

  • 18 Jan 2017

    Beauty of Art – Parents & Kids

    Beauty of Art – Parents & Kids is a fun and interactive Art Group for parents and their children. This art group…

  • 13 Feb 2017 - 27 Feb 2017

    Building Bullying Shields

    A parenting program to help parents understand the dynamics of bullying. Tips and tools are shown to help your child’s own “bully…

  • 14 Feb 2017 - 14 Mar 2017

    Circle of Security (In English)

    An early intervention parenting program that focuses on the relationships that give children emotional support to increase their confidence and self-esteem. (Five…

  • 15 Feb 2017 - 15 Mar 2017

    Tuning Into Teens

    A parenting program in how to further develop your skills in communicating with your teenager and connect with them emotionally. (Five sessions)

  • 27 Feb 2017 - 13 Mar 2017

    1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching

    1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program aims to teach parents easy-to-learn and an easy to use signalling system to manage children’s difficult…

  • 6 Mar 2017 - 27 Mar 2017

    Music Time with Kids

    A fun program for young children to develop their learning through music and building bonds with their parents.