Policy Statement

Creating Links respects the rights of all individuals to provide comments, complaints and feedback, and actively encourages feedback, even in the form of a complaint, in order to identify and resolve issues and facilitate opportunities for service improvement.

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Feedback and complaints

We value your feedback

Creating Links recognises that all individuals have the right to have any complaint resolved promptly, fairly and confidentially. Management of complaints adheres to the principles of natural justice. The process protects the complainant from retribution, repercussions, reprisals or victimisation. Creating Links will ensure that the lodgment, investigation and outcome of a complaint does not lead to the withdrawal or reduction of a service.

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Effective Resolution

Resolution is first attempted within the service with the person directly, if not successful then their manager, and if required, escalation to a formal complaint.

However, if the complaint cannot be resolved at that level, service participants, carers, advocates and stakeholders are provided with information about external complaints systems.


The aim is to ensure that complaints are dealt with efficiently and effectively and that clients have confidence in the agency’s complaint management system. Creating Links’ complaint handling process embody the five fundamental principles of:

⦁ Fairness
⦁ Accessibility
⦁ Responsiveness
⦁ Efficiency
⦁ Integration

Striving for Resolution

Feedback and Complaints FAQ's

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions relating to providing feedback and complaints.

We recognise the rights of all people to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about any aspect of our services. We value your feedback and are here to help.

You can provide feedback or submit a complaint to Creating Links about:

⦁ A service – are these delivered in line with what you want?
⦁ A member of staff
⦁ How you were treated
⦁ Something else – are we doing well? Where can we do better?

We are dedicated to upholding your privacy and ensuring confidentiality. When submitting a complaint, you have the option to remain anonymous.

At Creating Links, our foremost effort is to address and resolve complaints at the local level.

If you prefer not to communicate directly with your assigned worker or the manager, simply indicate this in your complaint, and we will identify the most suitable person for you to contact. Rest assured; we only disclose information to individuals essential for resolving the issue at hand. Your trust and privacy are of utmost importance to us.

No. This is personal preference. In the event that you don’t feel comfortable calling or vice versa; Creating Links provides multiple ways to handle accepting feedback and complaints

When you submit feedback or a complaint to Creating Links, you have the option to provide your contact information for ongoing communication or to opt for complete anonymity.

If you’d like to escalate your feedback or complaint, there are external agencies that can assist.

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